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Physical Therapy Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Practice in 2023

Physical therapy marketing ideas for 2023: Here are the top things to consider to grow your practice throughout this year and beyond.

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Physical Therapy Marketing Ideas To Bring In New Business In 2023

Regardless of industry, the digital marketing landscape has continuously evolved to accommodate shifting consumer behaviors and expectations. However, this shift has not been felt as prominently as it has in the physical therapy space, where search engines like Google have become a gold-star directory, and online reviews have become the new word-of-mouth recommendations.

More than ever, PT practices must implement physical therapy marketing ideas that cater to the patient experience. It’s essential to craft strategies around each step of the patient journey to encourage enhanced patient retention and drive higher patient satisfaction. Here are the four best physical therapy marketing ideas and actionable tips to get the ball rolling.

Marketing for Physical Therapists: Four Ideas for 2023

If you’re looking to boost patient loyalty and satisfaction throughout 2023, you need the right physical therapy marketing ideas. Marketing for physical therapists must be heavily patient-centric, which can be achieved with these four tactics, including optimization and personalization.

1. Invest in Your Website

One of the best approaches a physical therapist can take to enhance their 2023 marketing efforts is to address their practice website first. Investing in your physical therapy website is extremely beneficial, as it will act as the foundation for most of your marketing efforts. Not to mention, your website is the first impression potential patients will gain of your physical therapy practice.

As with any healthcare practice website, a physical therapy site will enable prospective patients to learn more about your practice, your services, and the team members who help get the job done. Likewise, current patients will use your website as the general hub for their treatment journey to book appointments online and even review their home exercise protocol.

Tips to Optimize Your PT Website

When planning the essential components of your PT website to support your 2023 business efforts, follow these physical therapy marketing tips:

  • Develop and maintain a website blog to cover various physical therapy topics that are highly relevant to patients; incorporate keywords and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices for higher search engine visibility.
  • Incorporate the use of patient testimonials to demonstrate positive past patient experiences and treatment successes to potential patient lead.
  • Support website functionality and accessibility with organized website pages that feature high-quality images in sizes that enable fast site speed.
  • Thoughtfully place Call-To-Actions (CTAs) across your site to encourage visitors to learn more or schedule an appointment with your PT practice.

2. Utilize Video Content

Marketing for physical therapists has evolved beyond written marketing mediums to include video content. As many physical therapy topics or jargon can be complex for patients to understand in a written note or email, video content marketing is an ideal medium to demonstrate your position as a reputable PT knowledge broker to current and potential patient leads.

Though video content is often much less time-consuming than written content to streamline your general physical therapy marketing ideas, it packs a substantial punch. Client interviews, treatment demonstrations, and condition breakdowns are all video types that can help patients gain a better feel of your practice and gain the trust necessary to book that first appointment.

Tips to Leverage Video Content

When diving into developing video content, physical therapists should be sure to:

  • Create educational content, such as how-to or Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) videos that discuss common patient conditions and concerns and the accompanying treatment recommendations for each situation.
  • Ask long-term patients satisfied with their treatment if they would consider recording a video testimonial for your practice that outlines overall treatment success.
  • Incorporate the use of practice social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, to distribute video content and conduct live video chats to help boost patient engagement.

3. Prioritize Your Reviews

Aside from marketing materials, you must create another top physical therapy marketing idea to utilize patient reviews as user-generated content. Online patient reviews will act as a form of free online marketing that most prospective patients will use to gauge whether or not your practice is right for them. However, to brag about your patient reviews, you must prioritize them.

Marketing for physical therapists must include the prioritization of patient reviews, as they are the primary source of social proof, brand reputation, and practice credibility. Because of this, physical therapists and practice employees must ensure continuous top-tier service that encourages a positive patient experience and, of course, positive reviews.

Tips to Prioritize Reviews

PT practices can take steps to prioritize review efforts and drive positive patient reviews:

  • Encourage patients to express any concerns in the office to provide an upfront solution more effectively and increase the chances of a positive review later.
  • Using automated email or text communication prompts patients to share feedback after their appointment by pointing them toward your Google or Yelp review listing.
  • Ask those with treatment success stories to share their experience by creating a video or written testimonial for your practice website.
  • Routinely address both positive and negative reviews and offer a solution when necessary to demonstrate strong patient satisfaction efforts on behalf of the practice.

4. Make Your Marketing Personal

Unlike big company marketing that can broadly target their audience, healthcare and physical therapy marketing must come with a personalized touch. Adding a personal touch to your marketing materials, such as email newsletters and outreach efforts, will help make potential and current patients feel more valued and less like a statistic or lead to your practice in 2023.

Due to the one-on-one nature of physical therapy treatment, distributing personalized marketing material from the start of the patient journey and into your lead generation efforts can encourage more conversions. Maintain personalization long after the patient relationship has been established to increase patient retention and secure optimal patient satisfaction over time.

Tips to Personalize PT Marketing

When looking to create more personalized marketing materials, PTs should consider the following steps:

  • Develop a database of existing patients and patient leads and segment contacts into categories (condition type, patient funnel stage, etc.) for better-tailored personalized marketing approaches.
  • Map and strategize your physical therapy marketing to address each stage of the patient journey, from initial consideration, through the intake until discharge.
  • Use physical therapy communication software to enhance one-on-one client communications and boost overall satisfaction.

The Bottom Line: Stay Ahead of the Curve

As marketing trends and recommendations change yearly, so should your physical therapy strategy. With these various physical therapy marketing ideas, practices can more effectively target current patients and potential leads for higher practice success throughout 2023.

If you’re unsure where to start with marketing for physical therapists, invest in an all-in-one EMR system that can help address every practice need, from scheduling and billing to patient portal management and lead communication. Schedule a demo today to learn how MWTherapy’s EMR solution can help take your 2023 PT marketing efforts to the next level.

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