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7 Ways to Increase Your PT Practice's Social Media Presence

Getting social can help your practice and propel you to success as part of an overall physical therapy practice marketing strategy. Learn more in this pos!

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Time To Get Social

It’s tricky to recall a time where social media didn’t have a massive impact on society. Physical therapists who manage brick-and-mortar clinics are now propelling their businesses forward by establishing a digital footprint. For some, the most challenging task is developing a multi-pronged approach to popular social media channels. Social media is a valuable tool however, it can be overwhelming, and if efforts go unchecked, it can burn valuable time and quite a bit of cash. So how can savvy practice owners improve their PT practice’s social media presence?

Outline Your Social Media Goals

Practice owners must outline their social media goals before implementing changes on their website, posting content across social media platforms, and investing in premium advertising. Physical therapists with a clinic in its infancy could find more value by building brand awareness within the local community. While others, who have been in business for years, might target filling up their appointment calendar. Whatever goals a clinic has for its social media campaign, they come easier if goals are clear from the start. Every campaign will encompass some element of their intended focus, but when practice owners ask, “does this post truly align with my goals?” They’re bound to get dynamic results.

Make Your Social Media Consistent With Your Website

Once goals are set, it’s time to align your strategy across all marketing channels. Out of the estimated 3.6 billion social media users, roughly 49% of the total population, approximately 54% use these platforms to research products and services.  That equates to a massive potential market searching for physical therapy solutions. And if they happen to click on your advertisement, it better lead to a website that reinforces the ad. By utilizing the social media goals established from the beginning, practice owners can unify their efforts and strengthen their call to action

Create Lots of Content

Content is king, and any marketeer knows this to be a fact. A steady stream of content can set physical therapy offices apart from one another. The more looks you get across multiple platforms, the more brand awareness you promote. If I see a billboard for a Ford F150 pickup truck every day on the commute to work, I’ll subconsciously associate Ford with trucks. The next time I buy a truck, that billboard featuring a Ford with a screaming jet black paint job, chrome highlights, and 20,000lbs of towing capacity could be the first thing that comes to mind. The same psychological concept applies to physical therapists who consistently put up virtual billboards on social media. Prospective patients might not need therapy this instant, but when they do, their mind might drift back to the quirky physical therapy office they saw on Instagram a few days ago.

Diversify Platform Usage

As if planning, designing, writing, and engaging with patients wasn’t challenging enough, physical therapists can find tremendous success diversifying their efforts across multiple sites. Currently, Facebook is the leading social platform in marketing for business owners. A staggering 68% of U.S. adults use the site, online, or on their smartphones. However, if practice owners focus on only one social media platform, they could be missing out on a huge demographic. For instance, LinkedIn caters to professionals and job seekers. As of February 2019, 51% of college graduates were active on the website. By combining efforts across popular sites, physical therapists can benefit from the many advantages of diversification.

Refresh and Revitalize All Digital Platforms

If practice owners have already done the heavy lifting and set up their social media sites, that’s an impactful step in the right direction. However, as the world around us changes, we must adapt and adjust accordingly. Patients notice when physical therapists update, refresh and revitalize their old social media pages. The small amount of effort it takes to keep a Facebook business page or Instagram account biography relevant speaks volumes about the company. When people research physical therapy providers and land on an old and dusty web page, they’ll likely look for other options. With a little polish, PTs can instantly improve their social media presence by keeping photos, posts, about sections, and additional information up to date.

Authentically Connect With Your Fans

A shiny new car loses its luster pretty quickly when you find out there’s no engine inside. The same principle is true when posting content on social media channels. PTs who post without bringing value to patients are missing out on premium engagement opportunities. From the inception of content to the comments below, PTs should get involved with their fans. At times, this could be a solo effort, but with the right rules in place, employees can also get involved. On the other hand, every clinic will receive negative feedback. When an event such as a poor Yelp review occurs, practice owners and employees should empathize with the reviewer’s experience. Next, the clinic should politely address the issue and follow up with a direct message. Remember, engaging in negative discussions on the internet are seldom a good idea. The fallout from such circumstances can be detrimental to future business, regardless of who is right or wrong.

Pay for Extended Outreach

Websites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are invaluable tools when building a social media presence using paid advertising. It’s no wonder that businesses spent roughly 1 billion dollars on paid social media advertising campaigns in 2019. Physical therapists can launch ad campaigns on social media and cater to their specific demographic. The more campaigns launched, the more data gathered, this is huge for fine-tuning the process and pinpointing users who need physical therapy. Paying for digital advertising has become essential for most businesses to improve their social media presence and find their target audience.

The Bottom Line

Practice owners that incorporate this list have the opportunity to redefine their social media strategy by increasing brand awareness, patient volume, and even educate the community about their content. The successful few who define their goals across multiple platforms by engaging with people will likely find success in boosting their social media presence. If you’re looking for other ways to improve communication, try MWTherapy’s physical therapy software. Features like secure staff messaging, company-wide announcements, appointment reminders, and much more are available to practice owners who want to save time and increase engagement across the board.

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