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5 Simple Things You Can Do TODAY To Improve Your Physical Therapy Practice

Get 5 ideas you can try TODAY to improve your physical therapy practice. There are never enough hours in the day, make the most of them!

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Just a few minutes here and there can make a difference!

We work with outpatient physical therapy practices across the country every day. We know how busy everyone is treating, running the practice, putting out fires and so on. This blog post aims to give you a few ideas that you can implement when you're short on time (and most of them are free!)

1. Show appreciation for your staff

Estimated time investment: 1 minute to 30 minutesYou see your staff ever work day and they help your physical therapy practice humming and your patients happy. Whether front-desk, billing, or clinical staff, a simple thank you goes a long way. It costs nothing and the gesture will be appreciated.Have a little bit of extra time? How about ordering pizza on a Friday to show your appreciation?

2. Ask a patient to write an online review for you

Estimated time investment: 5 minutesSure, you can use tools to send patients an email asking for an online review but how about picking that patient that can't stop talking about how much they love you and ask them for an online review. Bonus points if you can send them a personal email with a link for them to write a online review. It's not hard to make link, here's how to do it with Google Reviews.

3. Run one report in your physical therapy software and compare it to the previous year

Estimated time investment: 4 minutesHopefully you're using a good piece of physical therapy software (yeah, we think we're pretty good). Pick one report today and run it. Then, run the same report for the same time period the previous year. Then, compare. Here's a simple one - how many visits did you do in the last full month (for example May). How many did you do in May for the previous year? For some physical therapy practices, level will be great, for others growth will be great.

4. Customize a documentation template

Estimated time investment: 7 minutesUse your physical therapy EMR to customize a documentation template. With a powerful PT EMR solution, you should be able to customize your templates - change exercises, re-order things, remove unwanted or unnecessary fields and get a tailor fit. Every minute you spend customizing your physical therapy documentation templates pays you back on every note you write.

5. Reach out to a potential referrer and introduce yourself

Estimated time investment: 7 minutesTake a few minutes to identify any new potential referrers in your area and then give them a call to introduce yourself and your practice. Let them know what you're all about and then you're ready, willing, and able to accept new patients. Make sure they know they can always reach out to communicate with you and of course don't be too modest!

The bottom line

There are never enough hours in the day. Keeping tasks bite-sized is a great way to keep your practice moving forward.

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