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2020 Medicare MIPS for Physical Therapy Proposed Rule Released

Learn about changes to Medicare's MIPS program for the 2020 calendar year. Learn if any changes will impact your practice.

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2020 CMS Medicare MIPS Proposed Rule Released

Hot off the presses, Medicare has released its proposed rule for MIPS for physical therapy for the 2020 calendar year. Here's a brief summary of things that are NOT changing. There are no proposed changes to: Low Volume Threshold - if a provider is below this threshold, the provider is not required to report MIPSEligible Clinician Types - physical therapists are still eligible, no other new clinician types addedCollection Types - claims and registry reporting are still available under the same terms as 2019 This is a PROPOSED rule. It is not final and is subject to change.

Source: Medicare 2020 Proposed Rule Overview Factsheet

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