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19 Of The Best Gift Ideas For Physical And Occupational Therapists

Looking for great gift idea for your favorite physical or occupational therapist. Find your answer right here in this blog!

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19 Of The Best Gift Ideas For Physical And Occupational Therapists

“Tis the season to give plenty...”Physical and occupational therapists dedicate their time to helping people get well and lead better lives. They are selfless, passionate and emotionally supportive. They take pride in spreading the gift of joy through healing. Occupational therapists can easily forget about taking care of themselves. This happens through the bustling medical lifestyle of helping their patients rehabilitate and get back on their feet. Since the time for giving is here, we thought it a great idea to spoil your physical or occupational therapist.Ever wondered what makes the ideal physical or occupational therapy gifts?

Items For Their Practice

1. Mugs

Glass sets can be especially great when they've been created specifically for an OT or PT.

2. Glass sets

Everyone has a favorite coffee mug and they can be customized with a special print.

3. A clock for the practice

A nice large clock for their practice will do the trick and is always handy to have on the wall.

4. Key chain

Travel key chains can be quite helpful for anyone, including an OT or PT. You can customize these with inspirational quotes or engrave something unique.

5. Stationery

Practices can never have enough stationary. Any OT or PT will appreciate your gesture.

Customizable Apparel

6. Hoodies

Hoodies are perfect for the sporty physician. Slogan hoodies can speak of how physicians inspire and help others.

7. T-shirts

A casual T-shirt with a custom-print adds that special touch. Considering occupational and physical therapists are dedicated to physical wellness, fitness clothing items make an excellent choice for a gift.

8. Caps

A ball cap looks stylist with nearly all casual attire. Customize your gift with a heartwarming message to make it more personal.

Continued Education and Learning

In the health industry professionals never stop learning. Their journey of helping others and expanding their knowledge is a life-long commitment.​

9. PT/OT guides and reading material

What can you gift to medical specialists who keep striving to help their patients to get well?Opt for reading material. The Occupational Therapy Toolkit by Cheryl Hall OT is very insightful. This book is one in a series of seven editions. It helps occupational therapists fine tune their practice and skill, including valuable information to manage disabled patients, geriatrics and chronic conditions.

10. PT/OT tools and equipment

Get them a much needed nice wrist watch or stop watch to help keep on time and to keep time for exercises and more.


11. Wall art

Wall art for your OT or PT's practice is a nice gesture. Every practice needs a little something nice to cheer patients up.There is a variety of wall hangings tailored to physical therapy.

12. Fridge magnets

If it's not the walls you have in mind to adorn, getting a few novelty refrigerator magnets can also work. These are not only fun but functional.

13. Posters

Words of inspiration are always needed on the road to recovery. Posters can make ideal occupational and physical therapy gifts.

Traditional Gifts

14. Gift basket

Gift sets are wonderful choices to help express your appreciation. Gift baskets offer many different options making it easy to say thank you in a meaningful way.

15. Flowers

Flowers are a gesture that will brighten up anyone's day and one of our most highly recommended gifts.

16. Sweet or savory treats

Whether savory or sweet, snack hampers are a tasty gift. Who doesn't have a little bit of a sweet tooth?!

Medical Gear and Apparel

Before buying any clothing items and medical gear, verify the correct sizes to avoid a headache down the road. Some people opt for gift cards to make things simpler.Once you’ve checked all the boxes, you can go ahead and buy that thoughtful gift for your physical or occupational therapist.

17. Scrubs & under scrubs

For the PT or OT in your life who works in a hospital or in-patient or similar facility, Scrubs make working with patients a little bit easier. They're easy to wash, durable and comfortable to wear. You can also add under scrubs to their gift parcel.

18. Shoes

Footwear is a critical part of medical apparel, especially when most professionals spend long hours on their feet. There are plenty of comfortable shoes designed for medical specialists.

19. Medical coats

For the PT or OT in your life who works in a hospital setting or other acute setting, Medical coats are another handy item to consider for your OT or PT. Medical coats are comfortable, functional and it set the tone professionalism.

Go a step further with these amazing physical therapy gift ideas

Let them spoil themselves:

  • A deluxe health and wellness spa treatment
  • Special high tea, lunch or dinner for them and a special someone
  • Tickets to their favorite live show (music, poetry, opera)

The bottom line

Take advantage of this time of the year and spoil your OT or PT with something thoughtful to brighten their day. It’s the little things that matter and let people know they are appreciated.

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